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On Air, not on Tour: Our Talks in a pandemic Summer

We planned to talk about communication controlling at the most agile conferences in the german communication business this year. However, with the pandemic approaching and everything going socially distanced, we are happy they all switched to online conferences. Now how turned that out?


Survey: European Communication Monitor 2020

Gender equality, digital security and ethical dilemmas created by new digital channels - these are the main themes of this year's European Communication Monitor. But this year, surprising findings also emerge from the basic questions of the long-term study.


Survey: Measurement in the United States. A glimpse into current practice

Which indicators do communication managers use to control their communication? What challenges do they face when evaluating their communication activities? What developments do they see in communications controlling in the future?


Easy measurement of internal communication

Practical help for beginners: Simply start measuring internal communication with a webinar, guide and personal consultation. Get access to the full expert knowledge of MontuaPartner Communications and buchele cc, bundled in a low-threshold offer.


How Initiatives turn into Standards

Measurement and evaluation of communication is a central field of development in PR. There are several initiatives to develop standards in this area. A study examines four important approaches to standardization and creates an understanding of the approaches themselves as well as insights into the processes involved in the search for compatible standards and what hinders implementation.


Survey: Agile Communication Measurement

Agile communication management is discussed everywhere. But what does agility mean for the control and success measurement of communication? An essay presents the basics for evaluating communication activities according to the principles of agile management and asks the really important questions critical to success.


Survey: Nonprofits‘ Public Relations Measurement and Evaluation

How to measure and evaluate the communication of nonprofit organizations? What is the benefit of the collected data for a proof of impact and what potential for optimisation of communication work can be generated?


Internal Communications at the VOICES 2019 conference

buchele cc was participant of the VOICES conference on April 04th in Berlin. The annual event revolves around trends in internal communications. We answered questions on how to measure internal corporate communications.


Survey: Value Creation of Communication - a Progress of Evaluation Models

Models are being developed worldwide to assess the value added by strategic communication. Has a consistent standard been established? What prevents its implementation in practice?


Step by step towards your goal for 2018

Planning on keeping your corporate communications in shape? How about a little “workout routine”?


Another occasion for congratulations! The buchele cc team is proud of the best performance of the year by Lydia Kraske.

Lydia Kraske (buchele cc) won the Student of the Year Award for the best performance in the MA in Communication & Leadership program at the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin.


Siemens wins award for best internal online communication

SiemensWorld team receives German Online Communication Award in the category of Internal Communication.


New Task Force on Standardization of Multi-Stage PR Measurement Models

In the summer of 2015, the international Task Force on Standardization of Multi-Stage PR Measurement Models was set up to promote the development of an international standard for multi-level PR measurement models.


Starter Kit Communication Controlling published

Experts of the International Controller Association (ICV) have completed their work on a practical guide on communications prformance measurement. The starter kit provides every interested communicator with enough concise knowledge to venture into own controlling projects.

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