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We are a communication consultancy for communication performance measurement and communication management.

We demonstrate the benefits of good corporate communication for businesses, how to manage, plan and improve it. That’s what communication performance measurement is all about. Since 2005. Sounds complicated? We make it simple.

Corporate communication 

Corporate communication includes any internal and external communication processes of a company with its stakeholders. We're not thinking in silos such as advertisement, public relations, marketing, or internal communication.

We examine communication processes of businesses with employees, customers, journalists, applicants, politicians, bloggers, influencers, or other multipliers. We analyze how successful they are. And how to optimize corporate communications.   

In all “channels” and across communication areas: from social media such as facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn to websites and apps, to digital and conventional magazines or public and media relations. We evaluate full-blown campaigns just as well as internal news offers and social networks.

Communication performance measurement 

Communication performance measurement supports communication management. It is used for analyzing, planning, implementing, and evaluating corporate communication. It provides methods, tools, structures, and key figures for this purpose. Thereby, communication performance measurement creates transparency: regarding communication and business strategy, communication measures and processes, results, and costs.

In search of the “Theory of Everything” 

With his dissertation on “Corporate Communication’s Added Value,” in 2005 Mark-Steffen Buchele sets out to find the “Holy Grail,” the “Theory of Everything” to prove the added value of corporate communication. 

The central question is: how can the value of corporate communication be calculated for businesses. He doesn’t just find one global answer but rather many. Corporate-specific answers to the questions of communication management, as different as the companies that he meets and analyzes on his way. 

The scientific and practical examination of communication performance measurement prepares the way for working as a freelancer.

How do we go about it?

Together with our clients we develop measurable communication goals and customized KPI systems. We collect data, evaluate them, and offer insightful reports that provide meaningful information and guidance. In reports, presentations, and workshops. In a clear, comprehensible, visually appealing and explanatory manner. You’ll no longer have any blanks in your data.

Kommunikations-Controlling bündelt Informationen für das Kommunikationsmanagement | buchele cc

Customized KPI systems 

We offer you company specific controlling or measurement concepts. We define key performance indicators specially tailored to evaluate the communication in your company or organization.

Insightful reports 

Our reports focus on the core: no insights without goal orientation. We present our results in a strategy-oriented, complexity-reduced, and understandable manner. We don’t describe, we explain. And we point out starting points what should be done.

What’s in it for you?

Kommunikation steuern und Erfolge nachweisen | buchele cc

If you work with us, the impact of your daily work will be clearer: we provide evaluations of the success of your media and communication offers, entire communicative campaigns, or a 360° view of all internal and external communicative processes: our answers to your questions will help you decide how to proceed in the future. 

Your corporate communication department will gain power and at the same time more cost-efficiency. You can use resources optimally and pursue your objectives more effectively. This will provide significant competitive advantages for your company, while also offering you strong arguments for negotiations with the top management.

Measuring the impact of different media channels 

We can analyze all the different media channels that you use. Online as well as offline. Website and intranet, social media, newsletters, employee newspapers, events, etc.

Managing communication 

The results of our analyses lead to discussions. We give you recommendations for further steps and possible solutions for your communication management. You decide – in dialogue with us. Invest more or less in a certain campaign? Eliminate offers or magazines? Revamp? Advertise certain topics more strongly? Use content marketing? Together we find answers.

How can we support your communication management?

Select the services you need from our portfolio

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