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Communication performance measurement with
targets + indicators + analytics + insights

Companies spend a lot of money on communication. Using communication performance measurement, we are able to tell them whether it is well invested.

iconTargets and roadmaps

“Success stories” remain superficial if no measurable targets exist. They report on followers, visits, and target group opinions without a clear linkage to overarching corporate goals. This is not helpful. 

We determine where you are at. We formulate measurable communication goals, and help you shape communication strategies. How? Using our practice-proven tools.

We develop the necessary roadmaps and deliver convincing arguments for the top management. Including strategic references regarding the interplay of corporate and communication goals.

Our tools for determining targets and roadmaps:

  •  workshops – sometimes also “off-site” – in combination with  
    • document analyses  
    • secondary analyses (studies, internal reports, market analyses, ...)  
    • and: open cooperative dialogue

iconIndicator systems & KPIs

We know the discussions about return on investment, reputation indices, and AVE; about the one, right key performance indicator or KPI. It’s of no use.

We know: you need a customized solution – an adequate system of key figures with the right measurement concept for your entire communication landscape (or parts thereof). Building on what you already have. Perfectly tailored to your needs. Why?

This is the only way you will achieve insightful results that are relevant for communication management purposes in the long run. It will strengthen your authority in discussions at the management level when it comes to making decisions and taking responsibility for them.

Our tools for indicator systems and KPIs:

  • experience and expertise
  • established and tested indicator settings that are goal-oriented and activity-based (for all communication areas)
  • framework for communication performance measurement including levels of impact
  • workshops

iconMethods & tools

We carry out surveys, content analyses, web analytics, and social media monitoring. We know Facebook Insights, Socialbakers, Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture, and WebTrends (and many more) – including their shortcomings and the data they deliver; how to “read,” interpret, and interconnect them and which indicators are worthwhile to use. What do we do with them?

We design and combine the different methods and tools in order to reach the best possible goal-oriented conclusions for your communication management. We also steer service providers that you are already working with. Or help you find the right ones.

Our methods and tools:

  • we draft and carry out surveys
  • we design content analyses and codebooks
  • we do tagging and catchphrasing
  • we help you choose service providers

iconData management & analytics

You hear lots of talk about “big data.” And how they are turned into “smart data.” Hardly anyone tells you that the data must be compiled and linked in a meaningful and systematic manner. This generally means: importing, restructuring, and interrelating the data in a meaningful way. Finding the right “keys” to be able to draw the right conclusions. How that works?

We merge, organize, and structure data – to be able to draw conclusions and set goals. 

Irrespective of whether they contain information about target groups, media use, competitors, click tracking, content elements, user profiles, or engagement and involvement.

iconInsights & reporting

“Please present the key findings in an overview, if possible on one page.” If this is manageable contentwise and doesn’t shorten the conclusions too much, we’ll do it. Our reports always intend to be strategy and goal-oriented, complexity-reduced, and understandable. In the end, you decide whether we actually achieved that. How about even going a little further?

We deliver visually appealing reports with insights and information that is relevant for communication management purposes. 

Reduced in such a way that you receive the pertinent information that you need for successful communication management. Or: simply celebrate the fact that you and your team met the targets you set.

iconTeam development & processes

Competent, empathetic individuals and cohesive teams are the key to success. If everyone works together harmoniously, goals can be met much more easily. Unfortunately, reality isn’t always like that. Structures, tasks, framework conditions, and moods change. What can we offer?

We accompany you and together develop communication teams and managers; we offer support when you reorganize teams and when changes are necessary. 

Our tools for this:

  • team workshops
  • managers’ workshop 
  • individual coaching

What distinguishes us?

Our work is dominated by dialogue

The right communication goals, measurement concepts, and reports result from close dialogue with our clients. Only then can we understand the needs and questions and are able to deliver the best possible results and therefore answers.


Structuring and reducing complexity

Our understanding of communication performance measurement helps to organize the flood of data and merge all relevant data sources in your company. Across channels and departments, goal and insight-oriented. From media response analyses, to data on social media use and social media comments, to surveys, to web analytics, etc., etc.


Customized and exclusive client solutions

Each client is unique. Their point of departure, requirements, and goals differ. We tailor our offers and services to your needs. Exclusively. As you need it.


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