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Communication performance measurement “runs in our veins”

We actively co-participate in the field of communication performance measurement. In research and practice. We are involved in expert working groups, in international taskforces, as well as research and teaching. We know current international trends as well as the most up-to-date findings from theory and practice. 

Our founder, Mark-Steffen Buchele, has co-developed the DPRG/ICV framework for communication controlling, which is the industry standard for proving successful communication in the German-speaking regions. Before that, he wrote his dissertation on “Corporate Communication’s Added Value” at the University of Leipzig. Furthermore, he was co-founder and editor-in-chief of, the only knowledge platform on this topic.

DPRG/ICV framework for communication controlling

The framework for communication performance measurement describes the levels of impact of communication. Communication processes can be mapped, and measurement parameters can be sorted and assigned. This leads to increased transparency. What kind of communication takes place where and how can it be measured? Target values for measurement parameters can be defined at every level of impact. In this way, the frame of reference becomes a communication management model.

Experience with large and small projects – international and award-winning

We have a great wealth of experience from project cooperations with large, internationally renowned companies from many different industries. Together we have successfully implemented large, medium, and small projects: from developing comprehensive indicator and communication management systems with individual key performance indicators to accompanying campaigns and positioning initiatives, to proving the success of digital communication offers such as the relaunch of digital magazines or of social intranet offers with a news section. 

Unsere Expertise im Kommunikations-Controlling| buchele ccGlobal expertise in communication performance measurement

We know matrix organizations, centrally and decentrally managed companies at the national and international levels. And the associated challenges for their communication management. 

We develop solutions. We support our clients in their goal-oriented communication management for internal and external communication processes. Our projects have been awarded with the “Internationaler Deutscher PR Preis 2011” (International German PR Prize 2011), the “European Excellence Award 2013,” or the “PR Report Awards 2014.”

We are a team of experts

Expertenteam 2021 | buchele cc

Our team is shaped by different personalities, long-term project experience and know-how in the areas of communication and media sciences, sociology and psychology, economics, as well as IT, computer sciences, and data management. 

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Combining research and practice

We share know-how and pass it on. Everyone benefits from this – our partners, clients, companies, we ourselves. Something new emerges. That’s what networking means to us.

Expert Panel on Communication Performance Measurement at the Int. Controller Association (ICV)

We are a permanent member of the Expert Panel on Communication Performance Measurement, chaired by Mark-Steffen Buchele together with Stefanie Weigl (Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall). Three times a year, representatives of business and science get together and work on practical cases and implementations of communication performance measurement. They develop new ideas.   

The starter kit for communication performance measurement, published in 2016, bundles the experiences and findings of the meetings of the past ten years. And the methods and tools that were found to be helpful. On behalf of all participants, Walter Schmidt, Rainer Pollmann, and Mark-Steffen Buchele, together with Stefanie Weigl, Christopher Storck, and Reimer Stobbe have written down their collective knowledge.

Task Force on Standardization of Multi-Stage PR Measurement Models

As part of this international “Task Force on Standardization of Multi-Stage PR Measurement Models,” we are working on a noble goal: adopting an international standard for multi-level corporate communications measuring models and clarifying the terminology used in practice and research. In order for concepts, measurements, and results to be comparable and compatible. 

The Task Force – an international network – brings together twelve persons worldwide from research and practice in communication performance measurement. Headed by Fraser Likely (Canada), we work with colleagues from the US (Rebecca Swanson, David Geddes, Forrest Anderson, Nathan Gilkerson, Tim Marklein), Australia (Jim MacNamara, Michael Ziviani), Norway (Alexander Buhmann), and Germany (Mark-Steffen Buchele, Sophia Volk) to reach this goal.

Expert partner of the University of Leipzig

The close collaboration with the scientific community has influenced our work since our inception. We are expert partners of one of the “leading think tanks for strategic communication in Europe,” the department of Communication Management of the University of Leipzig. We are closely associated with Prof. Dr. Ansgar Zerfass from that department through numerous research projects, teaching assignments, and cooperations in the field of communication performance measurement.

Cooperation with Leipzig University 

Mark-Steffen Buchele started 2001 as the first Hering Schuppener doctoral scholarship candidate. Teaching assignments for Communication Controlling with the Universities of Leipzig, Krems and Zurich followed soon.

Passing on know-how – so something new can emerge

We write specialist articles, deliver lectures, carry out workshops and seminars. We talk about our experience in practice, explain scientific findings, and discuss trends in communication performance measurement and communication management. We are experienced speakers, workshop presenters, and seminar instructors with experience in a broad range of projects. 

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