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News vom 14.06.2017

Siemens wins award for best internal online communication

Sabine Müller-Gora

Congratulations! SiemensWorld team receives German Online Communication Award in the category of Internal Communication.

Siemens erhält Preis für Onlinekommunikation | buchele ccAnke Wiese-Noceti and Ann-Katrin Loos (both Siemens) after receiving the award in Berlin, Photo: © Kaspar Jensen /

The standardized digital employee newspaper SiemensWorld reaches all 350,000 Siemens employees worldwide – via smartphone or tablet, on the screen in the factory, or at the computer in the office. An open content management system and 800 editors facilitate an up-to-date information culture. In this way, the employees receive information about global and relevant regional topics. This deserves an award: The SiemensWorld team now received the German Online Communication Award for the best Internal Communication. Congratulations!

This award also honors the longstanding cooperation of the team with buchele cc. We have been supporting the internal communication department of Siemens AG since 2008 with a comprehensive communication performance measurement scheme. This has significantly shaped the strategic and operative development of the SiemensWorld. Regular analyses, surveys, and integrated reports have offered relevant insights for communication management purposes.

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