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Responsibility for challenging projects

Working at buchele cc, you support and take on responsibility for conceptually challenging projects. You work with fascinating, internationally renowned companies. You help our clients manage their corporate communication in a target-oriented way. You show them what is already good and determine aspects with potential for improvement. You not only collect and analyze data, but create added value by putting them into context. You link goals, strategies, and results in an insightful manner.

Corporate culture is shaped by persons and personalities

We value challenging tasks and individual projects. We work flexibly. We continue to grow at the professional and personal level. We enjoy what we’re doing and are passionate about our work. Our focus is first and foremost on our clients. But we’re also aware that there are other important things in life.

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Nadin Ernst
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Nadin Ernst

Senior Consultant | Managing Director

+49 (0) 341 24 25 29 42

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